Hrs: 4

Fuel tank parts inventory

Starting with the fuel tanks by laying the parts out. I noted some issues.

First issue was a missing hole of 30 mm in rib 3. After consulting TAF it was easy, just drill a 30 mm hole:

Next was something strange with the fittings and holes of rib 1.
All holes were 14 mm, but 1 just 11 mm and 1 smale hole was missing:

And instead of 2 AN4 straight fittings I received AN6 elbow fittings:

After consulting TAF I received this drawing:

Note the elbow fitting (fuel return) on the top must be rotated 180 degrees.

So I had to up-size the 11 mm hole to 14 mm:

And drill the 3.2 mm hole for the extra bracket: