Hrs: 8

Conduit brackets 1

After experimenting with the custom made conduit brackets it was time making 6 of them.

I printed the drawing out of SolidWorks 1:1 on A4 stickers, then it’s easy to cut and bend the pieces:

The brackets are also painted with wash primer. Although the primer needs to be removed where applying the Sikaflex:

According the preparation document of Sika 3 steps are required on bare aluminium:
– SkotchBrite
– Aktivator 205 – dries in 1 minute
– Primer 204N – dries in 1 hour

Then the Sikaflex 252i could be applied, I aimed for a 2 mm thickness.
Left wing:

Right wing:

Instead of using Adel clamps I decided to use weather resistant black cable ties from Panduit (according MIL spec MS3367) available via Conrad Electronics.