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Bend radius / SolidWorks / more brackets

I optimized my brake for a better radius and designed and created a new bracket.

I noted that the bends of my sheet metal tool are quite sharp, estimated bend radius less than 1 mm.
According the table in AC43.13-1B the minimum bend radius is 0.5 * t:

More handy info about bending sheet metal in these movies:
Bending Sheet Metal Part 1
Bending Sheet Metal Part 2

I decided to modify my brake to have a larger radius of 1.75 mm:

Because I need a better solution for running the conduit through rib 2, 3 and 4 I designed a bracket in SolidWorks.
You can download a limited version of SolidWorks via the EAA website (members only).

3D drawing of the conduit bracket:

With the drawing out of SolidWorks it’s easy to make the bracket:

Test fit with a number 10 Adel clamp: