Hrs: 3

Step ribs left wing

I received the longer rivets and rivet pulling wedge and riveted the step ribs of the left wing.

The step ribs 2, 3 and 4 are riveted with 4 mm rivets, the default TAF rivets are on the short side therefore I ordered longer rivets: 4.0 x 13.0 mm.
With help of the rivet pulling wedge it’s easy to rivet without bending the rib too much to make room for the rivet gun.

The same for rib 1, but this is riveted with 4.8 mm rivets, I ordered longer rivets too: 4.8 x 17.0 mm.


There is 1 hole in rib 1 which cannot be riveted due to the flange of the jig. It will be difficult to rivet this one when the skins are on because you cannot bend the rib anymore to rivet. Since the jig is secured by the AN5 bolt and 5 cleco’s I asked TAF if the flange can be removed or that if there is any other good reason not trimming it away. TAF confirmed that trimming it would not be a problem. So I removed the flange with a Dremel and riveted the last rivet: