Hrs: 8

Left bottom wing skins test, prepare and prime

Test fit of bottom skins of the left wing, good fit so I continued with preparing and priming.

The holes in the bottom skins of the left wing lined up much better than the right wing.
Without issues a cleco fit in every hole, only the holes in the rivet line where the fuel tanks attaches are a bit off (like I saw on many other builder blogs).

All cleco’s in:

2 holes where skin 1 and 2 overlap were missing, I protected the spar with a small wooded plate and drilled the missing holes:

When I worked on the rear spar I had to upsize the holes from 4.1 mm to 4.9 mm because the holes of the extension brackets where a bit off. Therefor I also had to ream the 4 holes in the skin to 4.9 mm:

Then there was the incorrect hole in the skin with the lower step skin and rear spar.
Taking the airflow into account the step skin should go under skin #1, so I drilled the missing hole.
The new hole is very close to the incorrect hole, I think about using some 2K filler to fill the incorrect hole and using a large flange rivet to have a strong joint:

I had to upsize some holes for the flap / aileron brackets.
Rib 4:

Rib 6:

Rib 8:

Rib 9:

The only thing I’m worried of is the edge distance of the holes in the brackets that go through the rear spar, I will ask TAF for approval.

Next I did the edge rolling where skins overlap:
Step skin:

Skin #1:

Skin #2:

When removing the blue plastic I found some corrosion on the skins, it’s easy to remove this with ScotchBrite. How does it develop upcoming years during the build of the plane? Is it maybe better to remove all blue plastic now and threat the corrosion spots?

Finally I could deburr and prime the skins:

And since rib 1 is a bit low related to the main spar I created a tapered spacer: