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Right bottom wing skin 2 test fit

Test fit of the right bottom wing skin #2.

While waiting on an answer back from TAF about the misaligned holes in skin 1 I tried bottom skin 2 of the right wing.
It was not an easy fit as I hoped, it’s difficult to get all holes aligned without the skin is buckling (especially between the hinge brackets).
I tried different cleco patterns with only little improvement.
There are also 2 undrilled holes in the overlap of skin 1 and skin 2, these are on the edge of the flanges of the rear and main spar.
Maybe I will first cleco the top skins and see if that is of any help for the bottom skins.

I also had a look at the inspection panels. Since TAF moved from M3 to M4 nuts I ordered some M4 rivnuts on Ebay for the larger inspection panels.

The smaller/oval ones (for mounting the fuel tank) have only 3.2 mm holes, there is not enough edge distance for drilling a 6 mm hole for the M4 rivnuts and anyway a M3 rivnut won’t fit perfect because a rivnut is not flush. Sling 2 builder Bob informed me that these panels should be riveted once the fuel tanks are mounted. Although that’s easy I prefer to have also the smaller inspection panels removable for maintenance reasons.
Maybe nutplates with solid rivets???