Hrs: 3

Right bottom wing skin test fit

Test fit of the right bottom wing skin #1.

First I aligned the jigs:

Then I clecoed the skin to the skeleton. I found that the best pattern is to start in the middle with cleco’s in the stringers and then work to the outside, last the spars:

Alignment is good but not everywhere.

There is a misaligned hole in the skin near the step skin.
The step skin should go below the main skin 1 (this make sense looking at the airflow). So drilling a new hole at the correct location would leave the misaligned hole visible since the head of the rivet will nog fully cover this misaligned hole. I will ask TAF.

The holes in the skin are a bit off with the holes in the main spar. I will try a different cleco pattern but I don’t think this will help. Maybe reaming the holes a bit?

Also near the flap hinges the holes in brackets and skin don’t align: