Hrs: 3

Left main spar fixes

I had to do the same corrections on the left main spar as I had to do on the right spar.

First I had to remove the AN3 bolts and doublers. I had to use quite some force, when measuring I noted 61 inch/lbs which is more than I expected because AN3 should be torqued to max. 25 inch/lbs. I will ask TAF about the torque value for these bolts.

Next I had to fix an issue with one of the layers of the root:

After smoothen the layer with a file, sandpaper and Skotchbrite it looked like this:

Then I drilled the missing hole in the splice plate and removed the rivets of the spar extension. This spar extension is not anodized, so there is no corrosion protection between the mating surfaces. Now I can spray both parts with epoxy primer and rivet them back together:

Finally I had to drill the missing hole for rib 1. I painted a feeler gauge red and placed it between the layers to prevent drilling through the remaining layers:

I used the removed doubler to mark the drill location. With the drill-jig (I used for the right spar) I drilled first a 4.1 mm hole until I touched the red colored feeler gauge:

Next I drilled the final 1/4 inch hole:

With I small piece Skotchbrite I cleaned the hole:

Because I removed the anodized layer at some places I touched the spots with the Alodine pen:

Next is priming the main spar.