Hrs: 4

Right wing skeleton

After the spar and rib 6 was ready I could assemble the right wing skeleton.

Still had to rivet the angles of rib 4, 6, 8 and 9. For extra strength I used aluminium washers and reamed those to 4,9 mm:

The new rib 12 was a bit damaged that I had to smoothen out:

And done with sandpaper and Skotch Brite and making sure keeping at least 90% of the thickness:

Small misalignment with the holes through the rib angle, and rear spar of rib 6 and 8, these are elongated wich I will solve with an aluminium washer under the tail of rivet or a larger rivet (but I have to check the edge distance first):

Skeleton ready:

Detail with flap tube: