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Right wing spar damage :-(

While preparing the right wing spar for priming I noticed 2 damages, quite deep, they are located on the leading edge side of the spar (fuel tank side).
It looks like a sharp object touched the spar, I’m sure this is not happened in my shop.

Here an image of the 2 dents:

With emery cloth and sandpaper I smoothened them out in multiple small steps:

Final result:

It’s looking okay but you can really feel the difference in depth, I measured the remaining material thickness.
At the deepest point I removed 10%, which is on the edge:

Measured from the wing root, the damage is on 62 cm. TAF will do an analysis if this is acceptable or not.

I’m getting annoyed by all these issues with my wing spars, this is the most critical structural part of the plane. The spar supposed to be ready without having builders making corrections to it.
My spars had a quality report, where 2 employees signed that the spars are okay, but they aren’t…

To be continued…