Hrs: 4

Rib support angle bending (trial 2 = better solution)

Although the bend of the support angles looked good I was afraid that the banging with the hammer causes cracks in the future. So I came up with a better idea: a mold in the vise and no banging with a hammer.

Mold ready (I had to create a right and a left one):

Much better result after the bend in the vise was ready and an extra small bend with the fluting pliers for the standing flange:

Result when attached to rib:

I used this method for all the 4 angles of the right wing. The hammer banging method was used for the left wing but I will order 4 new angles to I can do the left wing with this better solution as well.

Furthermore I ordered some aluminium washer at Aircraft Spruce since the rivets that hold the 2 angles have half holes and will push the flanges to the side when riveting.