Hrs: 4

Test fit ribs left wing

I temporary mounted the left wing ribs to the main and rear spar and checked the alignment of the ribs to the right main spar.

Especially at the wing root it’s important to work from the outside towards the root.

View at the root:

Looking good:

Unfortunately there are a couple of issues that I have to clear with TAF.

1. the holes of left wing rib 9 do not align with channel in the main spar:

2. the left wing rib 5 sits too high, this will be an issue when mounting the skins:

3. there is a hole and rivet missing in both main spar:

4. the holes in the flange of right wing rib 5 do not align with the holes in the main spar:

5. and right wing rib 6 sits not flush with the main spar;

When I prepared wing ribs 1 I noted the flanges where not straight, this was an easy fix with the seaming pliers:

The angle with the main spar is 90 degrees and 87 degress with the rear spar according the isometric from TAF:

When preparing wing ribs 4 I was concerned about the alignment of the flanges, fortunately this is no factor, the flanges fit perfectly: