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Rivet rear spars

The epoxy primer needs more time to dry, so I had to wait 1 day before I could start riveting the parts together.

It’s not 100% correct in the construction manual which rivets can be pulled and which don’t because a rib uses the same hole.
I had to drill out some rivets because I followed the manual but found out later on other builder blogs that the hole should remain open.

Rear spar attachment detail:

Aileron push rod pass through hole:

Rear spar extension:

Final result:

Close-up of the rear spar attachment hole:

Close-up of the channel connection:

Close up of the rear spar extension:

One thing I’m not happy with is the bend of one attachment bracket, therefore the holes in the flanges don’t line up:

The other thing I’m not happy with is the rear spar attachment hole.
The rear spar is bolted to the fuselage with an AN5 bolt, these holes (through the spar, doubled and tripler) are pre-drilled by the factory and I aligned them as best as I could, but the alignment is not 100%, will this cause any cracks?

I’ve asked TAF for advice…to be continued.