Hrs: 10

Deburring and priming of rear spar parts

Finding together the required rear spar parts, spars and channels and deburred and primed them.

I really like the way TAF ships the parts, nicely packed!

Because I’ve learned from my primer/corrosion experiment that wash primer will not stick on anodized aluminium I will use epoxy primer for the main spars. Therefore I decided to also use the gray Mipa epoxy primer for the rear spar.

Priming in progress:

For the rear spar I’ve created a removable panel in my paint booth, otherwise the spar would never go in:

There are multiple tool marks on the rear spar, I think the tool used to bend the flanges created those markings.
After consulting my technical counselor and TAF it was okay to proceed, I smoothed the marking with skotch brite pads and primed the spars: