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Wing ribs 8

Wing ribs 8 have the most components and needed some modification.

While temporary mounting the parts a few issues were found:

Missing hole, solution was easy: just drill the hole:

Hole doesn’t align and needed some e-mail conversation with TAF to find a solution:

Holes very close to the edge and not respecting the minimum edge distance, after reviewing the pictures of the open wings at the factory it was clear that this is by design:

Test fitting the rib to the spar:

Deburred and ready to be primed:

All parts are primed:

Solution for the misaligned holes is enlarging the hole with a file and use a large-flange rivet I ordered from Gesipa:

Repriming the adjusted holes:

All rivets in:

Torque setting for AN4 bolts, see torque values for more info:

Bolt and nut torqued to 76 inch/lbs and secured with torque seal; ribs are ready:

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