Hrs: 8

Ailerons ready (for now)

The aileron ribs needed some more filing to fit in the skin and the bottom rivets were riveted.

Rib 3 needed some filing on the lower flange to prevent the bottom skin was stuck against the flange:

Also Ribs 2 needed some modification otherwise the skin would never close:

Outside view:

Outside view other side:

Some inside views; rib 1:

Rib 2:

Other side rib 2:

Rib 3:

Other side rib 3:

Rib 4:

Only the bottom side is riveted because the ailerons need a small twist for the wing washout. So when the wings are ready the ailerons will be rigged and matched to perfectly align the wing twist:

One hole in the tube is drilled and secured with a cleco with a cleco cap to prevent damage to the skins, the new in/out deburr tool is very handy for these circumstances where you cannot deburr from the backside:

Ready for storage: