Hrs: 8

Ailerons ribs and test fit skins

I Worked on the ailerons ribs and brackets and did a test fit of the ailerons skins.

A bit boring the deburring part, but very important, using these tools: file, Dremel, emery cloth, sandpaper and Skotch Brite wheel and pads.
Deburring is ready, next is degreasing and priming:

Priming is ready, except for the balance tubes:

Installation of nut plates:

Rivet the brackets with 4,8 x 10 mm rivets and 4 mm rivets:

Making sure the alignment is correct by using a 1/4″ drill:

Rib with brackets ready:

Reaming to 4,9 mm by using a #11 reamer:

Rivet the bracket with the longer 4,8 x 15 mm rivets:

Checking alignment with a scrap aluminium part:

Ribs and brackets ready:

Test fit skin:

Missing hole in rib flange: