Hrs: 6

Rivet elevator skeleton

Almost done with the skeleton of the elevator, 2 minor issues with the stainless steel rivets and the spar box channel clearance.

Started with the stainless steel rivets of the control horns, according the manual these rivets should be 4 x 12 mm, but they are a bit longer: 14 mm. They didn’t form very nice because they are too long. After some investigation an consulting TAF I changed to 4 x 10 mm stainless steel rivets (ISO 15983, shear load 2700 N / tensile load 3500 N). Here the result, left the longer rivets and right the final 10 mm rivets:

Next I continued with the center part of the skeleton, here I used 12 mm rivets (not the 14 mm rivets that were shipped with the kit):

I torqued the AN3 bolts to 29 inch/lbs, starting torque is 20-25, but you have to add the running value of the friction of the nylon insert of the nut (when ready with the elevator I will mark the bolts with thread sealer to indicate they are correctly torqued):

The spar box channel pushes on the hinge, I don’t know if that’s okay, I have to check with TAF:

The holes of the end ribs for the counter weights were too small (4 mm), I’ve reamed them to 4,9 mm:

I’ve made a new piano hinge because in the previous one I used 1,5 mm holes for the safety wire, but 1 mm is better:

Skeleton ready, remaining cleco’s will be replaced with rivets through the skin: