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Conduit in VS

Mil spec cable in conduit to replace the pvc strobe cable.

Instead of the default pvc cable I changed to M27500-20TG4T14 mil spec cable for the strobe cable that runs through a lightweight PTFE conduit.
The conduit is mounted via nylon connectors, these are M12, therefore I enlarged the 9,5 mm holes for the grommets to 11,1 mm.
This is no problem for rib 2 and 3, but the for rib 1 (bottom rib) this is not allowed due the the minimum edge distance, with help of a lathe I changed the thread to M10, so I didn’t had to enlarge the 9,5 mm hole:

Conduit ready with use of M10 and M12 connectors and a rubber grommet in rib 2 and some heat-shrink for strength:

Final result with skin: