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Empennage kit received and inventory

Today, the truck came with the first kit.

The empennage kit was on stock in Johannesburg. It took 3 days before it was shipped to the airport, then took 1 week to fly to Amsterdam and 2 days for customs and traveling by truck to me. Total time between ordering and receiving the kit is only 2 weeks; not to bad. The crate has no visible damage.2016-09-08-13-26-40

All parts are very nice organized in 4 groups: rudder, vertical stabilizer, horizontal stabilizer and elevator. The kit is complete, only some parts have a slightly different part number, looks like a revision. Some parts have a higher revision code but some a lower. I asked TAF if these parts are okay to use.

After inventory I stored the parts in 4 logical boxes from Ikea:2016-09-11-16-32-13